Last Calls & Assholes EP

by We're Traveled

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This is We're Traveled's first three song Ep recored at the Bears Den in Attleboro, MA.

Track List
-Last Calls & Assholes
-Break My Stride '14
-We're Traveled

Jeff McGowan- Lead Guitar
Matt Sienko- Rhythm Guitar
Dan Hetu- Bass
Frank Snyder- Drums
Patrick Pilkington- Vocals


released June 24, 2014

Music by J. McGowan, M. Sienko, D. Hetu, F. Snyder
Lyrics by P. Pilkington
Recorded at The Bears Den in Attleboro, MA
Mixed and Mastered by Jay DeLuca



all rights reserved


We're Traveled Providence, Rhode Island


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Track Name: Last Calls & Assholes
shaking off the night before
before tomorrow,
shows its face, Im sure
the sweat soaked air
overwhelming proof
that sense and judgement
walked out the door
holding on to the ergency
to exploit the night,
till the morning comes
in hopes to wash us clean
a hint, at what we've become

we thrive in the hours where ass holes
and last calls collide
where sin give into desires
just more inspire

We hide, where the temptation
Those's eyes, and the evil they
Our minds and the intentions that lie
Don't pay no mind, on till the morning
brings the light

These walls cant
speak or resound
they cant reveial what they've found
what would they think of us now

flesh,but in sense,
much more consuming
Left, to our own devices
so where losing
ourselves, in ourselves
with your lips on my breath
and your head pressed against my chest
In my defense,
i was raised a gentlemen
born into the character ,
and ill die a sentiment
swear im a gentalmen
and ill die defending’em
Track Name: Break My Stride '14
We’ve got these road maps in our head
so confidence that it was by design
all restless and stressed out
played out like film and it brakes my...

Amongst the conversation,
thought to ourselves
What have we done,
to be so unprepared
for the future, turned to hell

so overwhelmed
ignorance is all and well
well put but we were told,
we be something someday
what day, just saying

we've got these road map in our head
so familiar, we could drive them blind
the concept of what we are after,
played out like film it brakes my stride

When does it give, What have i said
I've taken the steps, was told that this comes next
walked every mile ,What did i expect
Ive got the impression I've been mislead
and i know im not alone The answers where simply,
where on our own wheres that Future? now im going home
Ive got these dreams ive put on hold
So convinced, this was by design
What we are after played out like film it brakes my stride

When did we,
start living for this lie
Im here,
and we've been doing it all right
well is this system failing us
weighed down by debt and dust
where we that dumb to trust

When degrees mean less
then shit
and we wont see a dime of it
Job markets stress
whats left

taken out of our hands
Left out of our month
Is it taking a stand
or just figuring it out
Are we sold too short
Without a matter of doubt
where worth so much more
And where just finding out

taken out of our hands
Left out of our month
Is it taking a stand
or just figuring it out
Are we sold too short
Without a matter of doubt
where worth so much more
fuck it all I’m out

We’ve got theses road maps in our heads
so familiar we could drive them blind
concepts of what we’re after
What have we done
played out like film and it brakes my stride
When does it give in, what have i said
Was told this comes next
Walked every mile, what did i expect
Track Name: We're Traveled
ooooooh, hold your judgement,
for the day that i wont function
cemented block, lined out
and its name fades with the hundreds
everything i've done's,
(did dragging down the undead)
laughing just to cover,
(now smother all of my regret)

until then were traveled, (were traveled)
like winding roads and
knee deep in gravel, (then saddled)
up and unloaded
the path seems to narrow, (a narrow)
then decoded
Until then were traveled again

Crossed arms and compass bound
We swear that we wont be found
Crossed hearts and tied tongues

Somewhere between we follow the

So trial me, for ever time I’ve committed
And lie to me, like theres no proof in
and bury me, in your words, your
Running from death, like its keeping
me alive

Follow every miss step, left,
(a trail beaten, Marked)
With the weight of a wondrous heart
For the thrill we lust, (for a chill to trust)
The nerves that rip you apart
For the sake of feeling alive,
(the caution has to die)
why run from the other side,
For the sake of feeling alive, the
caution has to die
the caution has to die

i can feel the friction, trying to connect with the earth
urging myself to keep it moving, till i rest in the dirt
the ground gives off a vibe, as if its sharing in my unrest
and its synchronizing, with the static beats of my chest
so, lets, walk with a purpose, every, step, invests
itself into the scheming , dreaming bout the next
leaning into the morning , stealing what evers left
abousing its every second, feeding